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Special Education & Disability Rights

KC&S advises and represents families of students with disabilities in communities across Massachusetts. Our experienced attorneys assist parents and students at every stage of the special education process.

Our work ranges from consultation, such as advice and strategy with regard to a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), through dispute resolution. We are skilled at negotiation and mediation. We provide zealous advocacy in administrative hearings before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA). We are experienced in state and federal court litigation. We are familiar with the broad range of issues that arise, from determination of a child’s eligibility for special education, to obtaining an appropriate in-district program, to securing public funding for a private school placement. We represent students with all types of disabilities. At the core of our practice is our commitment to making the law’s promise of free appropriate public education (FAPE) a reality.

We also advise and represent families regarding their rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, including Section 504 plans. We protect regular education and special education students involved in bullying or harassment. We represent regular education and special education students at disciplinary proceedings, such as expulsion and suspension hearings.

KC&S provides a wide range of legal assistance to students and adults with disabilities who are seeking accommodations for educational testing or professional licensure examinations. We represent students who need accommodations in college or graduate-level programs. We represent students who face college or university disciplinary proceedings. We also represent individuals with disabilities who are seeking services from state agencies such as the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and the Department of Mental Health (DMH).

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of special education and disability rights, KC&S combines a reputation for excellence and depth of knowledge with personalized service. We are dedicated to helping parents and students obtain their goals.

Navigating the Special Education Process

Understanding Special Education and Related Laws

Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) Commentaries

The following articles are Commentaries on selected Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) and Court Decisions. The following articles first appeared as a quarterly commentary in Massachusetts Special Education Reporter (MSER).

Special Education Blog

Special Education Today: A Special Education Law Blog from the attorneys at Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP

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