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Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP is a general practice law firm now located in Newton, Massachusetts (formerly Boston). Our mission is to give our clients experienced, effective advocacy. That involves more than just good legal work: it requires personal attention, focused on the client and the client’s needs; a breadth of vision; and creativity. Because of the depth and diversity of our practice, we bring to the table a comprehensive understanding of what our clients need, and how to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Since our inception in 1981, we have grown steadily but carefully, adding experienced lawyers with well-established reputations in complementary areas of practice, but always careful to ensure that we never lose the cohesion and team spirit that, we think, makes KC&S a great place to practice law. We are proud and pleased that our firm is ranked among the top 1% in the country, based on fellow lawyers’ opinions of our work and ethical standards. Our attorneys are skilled practitioners with experience in both the public and private sectors; many are published authors; many have served as faculty members in law schools and continuing legal education programs.

Our clients include both individuals and public, privately-held, and not-for-profit corporations. We handle for them a wide variety of matters, from multi-million dollar transactions and commercial litigation to very personal matters involving individuals, their families, and their finances. Regardless of the nature of the assignment, our goal is always to understand our clients’ circumstances thoroughly, and to respond to their needs promptly and effectively.

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