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Estate Planning: A Guide for Clients

The purpose of this guide is to give you a general sense of what will be involved in planning your estate. It is not intended to be encyclopedic, or to give conclusive advice on your particular situation. Still, we hope it will make the whole process a little less mysterious and a little simpler for you. We also provide an Estate Plan Information sheet which should help you to organize your planning and ours.

Estate Plan Information

The following is the information we will need in order to plan your estate. You may not be able to answer the questions at the end without talking with us first, but you should at least start thinking about them. If you indicate that you wish to establish a trust for someone’s benefit, we will want to explore with you the various forms the trust could take.  This form is PDF fillable; you can either print it and write in your information or type the information directly on the form.  In either case, for security reasons, please mail us the completed form unless you have the capability of emailing it securely to the attorney.

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